Vintage Floral Collection pack of 7

Vintage Floral Collection pack of 7


This chic collection of 7 floral temporary tattoos goes with everything. With poppies, forget-me-nots, lilacs, apple blossom and roses, these designs can be worn all at once for a lovely floral sleeve or back piece, or one by one for gorgeous floral accents.

What you get:
* High-quality temporary tattoo(s)
* Lasts for two days up to a week
* Want your tatt to look more real? Add Liquiskin tattoo shine remover solution to your order.
- Makes tatts look more real, removes shine + mattifes your design. Your tattoo looks better + lasts longer. Get it here: Liquiskin

* from approx 3 to 9cm (1 to 3.5") 
* Set of 7 tattoos
* Includes easy application and care instructions
* Lasts 2-5 days (up to 7 days with an application of Liquiskin®)
* custom prints and designs available

Note: all the items in your order will be combined in a single eco-friendly pack. If you'd like individual packaging for each item, just leave us a note at checkout.

:: Make the most of your tattoo with Liquiskin®! 
Available in 2 sizes, 2.5ml and 5ml, Liquiskin® is a specially formulated shine remover that adds a second skin film layer to help your tattoo last longer and look even better! Apply a light layer over your tattoo; it will take away the shiny look of temporary tattoos and protect your design; recommended for special events or if you want your temporary tattoo to look as excellent as possible! Add to your order from the 'extras section'.