Liquiskin tattoo shine remover VIAL

Liquiskin tattoo shine remover VIAL


Liquiskin® is a specially formulated shine remover that adds a second skin film layer to help your tattoo last longer and look even better!


Apply a light layer over your tattoo; it will take away the tell-tale shiny look of temporary tattoos and protect your design. If your design is for general use, the shine will dull over a few hours and it will still look swell without Liquiskin®. But if you're looking for realism (Liquiskin® is used for tattoos in movies and television!) or have a special event or photo shoot, or just want your design to look as excellent as possible, Liquiskin® is recommended.


Your tattoo will last up to 10 days with an application of Liquiskin® , and you can use Liquiskin® on any temporary tattoo. Comes with easy to follow directions.* 2.5mL vial* enough for approx 10-15 tattoos!


Compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003Contains Ethyl Cellulose and Castor Oil. Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes.

What customers think about this item: * This stuff is brilliant - I was hesitant at first on whether I should bother purchasing it or not but I'm so glad I did. It makes the finish of the tattoo look a squillion times better! * Awesome! Took away all of the shine, giving the tattoo a really natural effect. * A MUST for the most realistic look. Her tattoos are very realistic to begin with, but this makes it even better! * AAA+ does exactly as it says it will! * The Liquiskin® really helps to make it look real and last long.