Just Like Magic Collection- modern watercolour


Colorful, eclectic, contemporary and awesome; that's how we'd describe these temporary tattoos! From the original illustrations of Tiffany Atkin, our awesome featured artist. In a variety of sizes made to be worn all over, these happy designs will brighten up your day!

9 Designs * Sized between 1" - 4.5" (2.5-11.5cm) * Includes easy application and care instructions * Lasts 2-5 days (up to 7 days with an application of Liquiskin®) * custom prints and designs available Tiffany Atkin is an Australian designer + illustrator, inspired by Japanese pop culture, pastel colours, neon pink, gold glitter, cherry blossoms, baby alpacas, salmon onigiri, black and white pattern, inky wisps & smudges, rainy cities, fineliner pens, concrete jungles, dreamy electro-folk music, spicy tom yum soup, vanilla lattes and backpacks. Find out more www.tiffanyatkin.com Note: all the items in your order will be combined in a single eco-friendly pack. If you'd like individual packaging for each item, just leave us a note at checkout. :: Gift wrap your order! See our lovely Gift Wrapping in the 'extras' section :: Make the most of your tattoo with Liquiskin®! Available in 2 sizes, 2.5ml and 5ml, Liquiskin® is a specially formulated shine remover that adds a second skin film layer to help your tattoo last longer and look even better! Apply a light layer over your tattoo; it will take away the shiny look of temporary tattoos and protect your design; recommended for special events or if you want your temporary tattoo to look as excellent as possible! Add to your order from the 'extras section'.