DIY temporary tattoo paper- inkjet printer

DIY temporary tattoo paper- inkjet printer


Now you can print your own temporary tattoos using your home printer!


Great for:: costumes & cosplay


:: party favors and events:: groups and couples


:: trying out a tattoo design


Please note: We take 1 business day to ship tattoo paper.


Choose your pack size from the variations, each pack includes tattoo transfer paper, adhesive sheets, resealable bag and easy and detailed instructions on how to

- set up your images

- print your tattoos and apply the adhesive sheet

- apply your finished tattoos- tattoo care tips.

Inkjet Paper

NOTE: Be sure to purchase the correct paper for your printer. This item is INKJET paper :: Laser printers use toner cartridges (powder ink) Laser Tattoo Paper can ONLY be used with Laser Printers and is a premium quality paper that has the best and most realistic results- it can be used with Liquiskin® Shine Remover :: Inkjet printers use small cartridges ( liquid ink) Inkjet Paper can be used with both Inkjet & Laser Printers. This product is for fun and hobbies and gives results similar to a Bubble Gum Tattoo. Inkjet paper can be used with Liquiskin® Shine Remover. This paper is not designed for professional film shoot results.