Ampersands (and) typography temporary tattoos


Ampersand temporary tattoo:


Ampersand ('and' symbol) temporary tattoo design in two lovely fonts! The ampersand can symbolize our belonging in a couple, group or family; a reminder that we are never alone. It could also symbolize the continuous unfolding of life, there is always more to come, more viewpoints than we can see, more to our stories than we can yet see.

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In the drop down menu choose from larger arm size or cute tiny wrist or secret size. * 4.4x4.5cm (2x2”) includes 2 designs (one of each) OR * 2x2cm (.75x.75") includes 4 designs (two of each) * Includes easy application and care instructions * Lasts 2-5 days (up to 7 days with an application of Liquiskin®) * custom prints and designs available Note: all the items in your order will be combined in a single eco-friendly pack. If you'd like individual packaging for each item, just leave us a note at checkout. :: Gift wrap your order! See our lovely Gift Wrapping in the 'extras' section :: Make the most of your tattoo with Liquiskin®! Available in 2 sizes, 2.5ml and 5ml, Liquiskin® is a specially formulated shine remover that adds a second skin film layer to help your tattoo last longer and look even better! Apply a light layer over your tattoo; it will take away the shiny look of temporary tattoos and protect your design; recommended for special events or if you want your temporary tattoo to look as excellent as possible! Add to your order from the 'extras section'.